Our Stand at Chelsea is almost finished

The biggest highlight for us at the show this year is launching our latest designs which this year is the “Giant Turtle”. It is a joy to see people’s reactions to this sculpture and has brought a smile to many faces and people of all ages already. The Turtle is 3metres long, 2metres wide and is all cast in bronze and weighs over 650kgs. The sculpture can look great on lawn, in a garden bed or near any body of water and just adds something special to a garden. Keeping the Giant Turtle company are five of our Birdbath designs including the Frogs having a pool party and a range of popular birds (Short-tailed Wrens, Swallows, Blue Tits and Blackbirds) looking as though they are having a little chat.

We had some nice steady rain here yesterday so did not have to worry about filling the Birdbaths.

Hope you like our display and will let you know what the judges think…Chelsea 2015 WWS 1Chelsea 2015 WWS 2Chelsea 2015 WWS 3Chelsea 2015 WWS 4Chelsea 2015 WWS 5

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