Sculpture for Charlie Albone’s Chelsea Show Garden 2016

This year will be Charlie Albone’s second Show Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. We were delighted that he asked us to contribute.

Charlie wanted a sculpture that looked aged, captured an essence of a Melbourne garden and had a sense of flowing movement throughout the design. It needed to be an interesting focal point on the rear of the wall to lure people in to explore the garden further.

Beyond the brief, a stand-out feature that also influenced our concept were the two Bonsai style Banksia Serrata on either side of the entrance to the garden, sentry like.

The sculpture size was determined to balance the garden’s proportions yet be large enough to create interest and encourage further discovery.

The Cockatoos are all cast in bronze with some stainless steel tube running through their bodies and welded under the back plate to flat stainless. The back plate is covered with a copper sheet only a few millimetres thick, like a veneer, to give a subtle contrast to the Cockies. The copper sheet has been hammered into shape to give it extra interest and movement and to simulate an earthly texture.

The Cockatoos are in flight, heading in the one direction, with their crests up. Movement, energy, and soaring adventures, travelling between gardens, but not before each manages to grab a small souvenir in their beaks – in this case a piece of Banksia from Charlie’s garden.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for Chelsea Flower Show photos as soon as they are available.

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