80" 2000mm
Eagles Fishing Birdbath Bowl Fountain

Eagles Fishing Birdbath Bowl Fountain

Stone Base Size:

We recommend a base 1200-1800mm (47-71”) wide by 100-300mm (4-12”) high. This can either be a single piece of stone or smaller pitchers or bricks concreted together. Please note that this is a guide only and depends on where you plan to place the Birdbath Bowl in the garden, the plants around the base and your personal preferences.


Please note that this size Birdbath Bowl is also available with any of the bird designs pictured on the 1200mm/48” Birdbaths and Birdbath Bowls.

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  • Medium
    Australian Bronze
  • Diameter
    80" / 2000mm
  • Fixtures
    Stainless Steel only